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Minecraft Quick Build Challenge – Four Way Battle: Social Media!

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, you name it! All todays focus in a build for the ages! Or at least a week, enjoy! Please remember to like if you enjoyed the vide…

How to Make a Website that’s Awesome – PowerPoint SlideDeck – 04

Some cool shared hosting images:

How to Make a Website that’s Awesome – PowerPoint SlideDeck – 04

Image by SideWages
How to make a website that’s awesome

Here are the resources I use:

Why Aim for an Awesome Website?
– have your end goal in mind
– business websites need professionalism
– personal websites can be more casual
– evaluate your options and then do something!

Web Hosting is Awesome
– figure out what web hosting is right for you
– share hosting is fine for most people
– VPS hosting for >2,000 hits per day
– dedicated hosting for >15,000 hits per day
– share hosting is where you start

Don’t Forget Your Domain Name
– make it meaningful
– make it easy to spell
– make it catchy
– make it original
– no dashes & no numbers

Create the Website
– you can program it all if you want
– no need to start from scratch
– start with a content management system (CMS)

Content Management Systems Rock
– Joomla, Drupal, and many more are options
– WordPress is a great start
– Just go with WordPress, please!

Why Use a Content Management System
– choose from ready-made designs
– use ready-made plugins
– tons of support available
– no need to know how to program
– keep more of your money $ $ $

Big Website Dreams And You
– keep your big dreams in mind
– but start out doing the basics
– pick your host & domain name
– pick your content management system
– do something today

Here are the resources I use:

Response Time Report

Image by Beau West
Response time difference when I switched from (mt)Media Temple to Dreamhost

343/365 (9. decembar 2009)

Image by ljubar
Počela je velika, završna akcija seljenja sajtova sa našeg servera na njihove lokalne shared hosting planove. Danas i narednih dana – puno toplih pozdrava iz SSH klijenta

How can you make a long Tumblr entry continue onto a new page?

Question by notsanpaku: How can you make a long Tumblr entry continue onto a new page?
Tumblr doesn’t seem to have the “break to a new page” option, which would allow a long entry to start on the main page and then continue onto a new page if the reader clicks to see it. So I was wondering if there was a Tumblr add-on/app that would allow this to happen. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Michaela
it does it just depends on the theme you chose, and the date 🙂

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