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How could I start a “hosting” company at my home?

by tby

Question by Billy Schoelzel: How could I start a “hosting” company at my home?
I have read what I could about it. The only thing I can find is reseller ads online for such things. How could I host servers out of my home with the towers actually in my possession?

Best answer:

Answer by The GerBreCha Group
This is fairly simple to do but I would caution on what level of hosting your clients need first e.g 5 9 or no 9 (if server needs to be up 99.999 % of the time, this is literally you are never offline this is the highest quality hosting).

Once it’s okay for you to be down now and then then you won’t need clusters of servers, outside generator if power goes, and additional a/c in whatever room you plan to use because of the heat the machines give off.

Now that is out the way your check list;

1) Contact your ISP and find out if they provide static IP addresses. If they do you need at least 3. name server 1 name server 2 and an extra for testing or dedicated sites. If they don’t then you may have to order a commercial account especially if Cable is your ISP.

2) You need at least two machines, one should be a firewall/dns this handles security and talking to the web to let the world know where your sites are. The other can be web server/mail server, good rule is each machine should have one task but on a budget this is how you can do it.

3) Whatever domain you will be using as your main e.g you need to have your current domain registrar assign name servers to it, this is something you may be able to do in the back off control panel yourself. You could also use a service like or which would cover step 1 and 3.

4) Configure your machines and your off to the races hosting from your home.

For small sites with little traffic this is a good option but if you have lots of visitors and a busy site you may be better off getting a virtual private server or dedicated server from a provider you can try for great rates. Also because you had to ask this question bear in mind new threats come out everyday and machines need constant maintenance so you could be down for a while if while making an update a bug showed up or something in your configuration changed and it could take some time to track down. This is where having a team of people to deal with that stuff might not be such a bad idea.

Hope this helps…

Gersham Charles
Klik Systems Consulting

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