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How can you make a long Tumblr entry continue onto a new page?

Question by notsanpaku: How can you make a long Tumblr entry continue onto a new page?
Tumblr doesn’t seem to have the “break to a new page” option, which would allow a long entry to start on the main page and then continue onto a new page if the reader clicks to see it. So I was wondering if there was a Tumblr add-on/app that would allow this to happen. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Michaela
it does it just depends on the theme you chose, and the date ­čÖé

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Cool Twitter images

Some cool twitter images:

twitter y macworld
Image by juque
twitter comienza a dar se├▒ales de ser una muy ├║til herramienta en determinadas ocaciones.

┬┐Quieres?, anda:

Twitter 6×6
Image by Steve Woolf
This pic (link) that Sean Bonner posted started this mini-meme. He writes: "Twitter sorts your "Following" list by when they joined Twitter, so people who have been using Twitter longer are at the top. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but it’s an interesting approach and I think the only YASNS that does this."

My Twitter, btw:

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