The Cost-Efficient Incentives of Cloud Hosting Technologies

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Cloud Hosting

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Can’t decide if the cloud is what your business needs to thrive online? What’s the hold up?

You just need to figure out how your business priorities are stacked. What’s most important?

  • On-demand data-processing power?
  • Pay-for-what-you-use billing model?
  • Fluid, automated resource scalability?
  • Self-healing in the event of failures?
  • The industry’s best hosting capabilities?
  • Or all of the above?

What’s going to help you make the most progress with your goals? Once you’ve figured it out, it’s time to convert. Depending on your goals, there is a realm of full and hybrid cloud solutions that your hosting provider can personalize just for your needs.

Loads of major companies are renovating their hosting solutions to incorporate the advantages listed above, which are currently the trademark features of the cloud. Don’t be left in the dark ages of hosting. Start saving time and money and call us today to see how NetHosting can reinvent the way you host.

Which Countries Have the Best Cloud Hosting?

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On March 7th, the software alliance group BSA released a scorecard on the world’s top 24 countries for cloud hosting. These countries were selected for being the primary contributors to the world’s IT market, accounting for about 80% of the entire market. They were scored based on the countries’ legislative and private climate for promoting and expanding cloud technologies.

The criteria that the BSA used to grade each country’s position on cloud computing are its individual stance on cybercrime, cyber security, privacy, free-trade, and its physical broadband infrastructure.

The technology policy counsel at the BSA, Chris Hopfensperger, called the progress of some countries “patchy,” observing that overall the policies enacted in all 24 countries that affect cloud computing are a toss-up of bad and good. But the BSA is optimistic that with time, progress will continue to be made in this arena.

Japan Scores Big

This is the second time that Japan has scored the #1 spot, being called the friendliest environment for cloud growth and expansion in the world. The honor is owing to the country’s commitment to user security and privacy, as well as its unyielding position against cybercrime. Additionally, Japan has an increasing rate of broadband adoption that contributed to its #1 ranking.

Coming in at 2nd and 3rd were Australia and the US, respectively, after the US pushed Germany down to 4th from last year. The decision-makers at the BSA justified the switch by stating that US cloud providers have made meaningful advances in the development of US-based cloud technologies. At this time, the switch is not owed to improvements in policies made by the US legislation.

The top 5 nations for cloud hosting companies:

1. Japan

2. Australia

3. United States

4. Germany

5. Singapore

Germany’s drop to 4th is attributed to “potentially restrictive privacy laws, protectionist policies,” while Singapore leapt up five slots thanks in part to a recent data privacy law which was enacted over the last year.

Just Missed the Mark

The 5 worst countries for cloud hosting providers are:

1. South Africa

2. Indonesia

3. Brazil

4. Thailand

5. Vietnam

The countries that tallied the lowest marks showcased a lack of anti-cybercrime policies, little to no participation or interest in global standardization of cloud practices, insufficient free-trade legislation, and incomplete protocols for user and data security and privacy.

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Inspiring Social Worker Quotes

Jane Addams, who is considered the mother of social worker said “Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men”. She is known for being one of the famous social workers of all time, using her training and education to do only good. Being a therapist, while it may not be one of the most high-paying jobs of all time, appeals to many people because it gives them the opportunity to help others and make the world a better place for children to grow up in. There are many different types of social work, including jobs which work directly with kids as well as families, groups and individual adult counseling.

The term is rather broad, and can be applied to many different people who work in various parts of the country’s system that is designed to help people in a variety of ways. Jill Ruckelshaus said “The family is the building block for whatever solidarity there is in society.” She understood the core value that a family has in society. She worked closely with many other counselors to provide children with a safe and loving home environment. Many of the women who have been inspirational have created the building blocks on which we stand today. They walked the walk and were not just arm chair thinkers.

Social work is about many different things, but above it all is helping our fellow man. Those social workers who have been quoted saying things such as the statements above lived up to what they said each and every single day. Being a social worker is perhaps one of the nobler, self-sacrificing jobs out there because of the notoriously low pay and difficult working conditions. Not only do many take on enormous responsibility in terms of sheer case load, but also emotional baggage that can often times have an effect on oneself. Weekend work can be involved as well as phone calls outside of work.

Many times social workers are forced to deal with very emotional issues concerning children who grow up in abusive homes and must suffer through unimaginable things. The inner satisfaction of having helped another person, especially a child, is very gratifying. Throughout history there have been many great social workers, many of which are unknown because of the nature of this work. They are not typically viewed as being inspirational people in society, though they are truly the definition of working class heroes. Burn out is also a problem from this work and the low pay so it’s important to take care of oneself.

Most of the inspirational counselors of our time have been women, though men do occasionally hold such positions. Those who are interested in pursuing social work as a career will want to be aware of both the pay and the kind of work which will be required, depending on which section of social work you want to go into. Social workers perform numerous tasks relating to the health, safety, and well-being of others. It’s also important to find a good school that has classes and mentoring to fit your interests.

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